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When considering social media engagement, it helps to think of the audiences you hope to reach in categories. On a recent episode of the podcast “Social Business Engine,” Avery Dennison Director of Global Digital Communications James Moat listed seven types of social media users most important for brands to target:

1. Creators – Publishers of blog posts, those who upload videos, and creators of memes and other content.[…] Continue Reading »

When you hear why “The Power of Fifty Bits” is titled such as it is, you may think, “That sounds pessimistic.” After all, the brain take in 10 million bits of information each second, but only 50 bits of that is processed as conscious thought. Feels like our brains are pretty inefficient.

And, then, if you learn that author Bob Nease’s background was in pharma, and as chief scientist of Express Scripts his challenges included getting patients to be better about taking their medication, you might think, “Ah, this is about getting people to stop being jerks and take their medicine!”

Fortunately, as his book and a recent conversation we had illustrate, Bob Nease is an optimist about our ability to make better choices — a revelation that initially surprised him, too.[…] Continue Reading »

With a background in traditional CPG marketing, I used to believe that emerging brands should cast their eyes to the big guys to learn how to market their products or services successfully. Certainly, many global brands are still creating campaigns that are the envy of the industry. But more and more frequently, entrepreneurial brands are setting the gold standard for customer engagement.[…] Continue Reading »

A restaurant update led the list of most-read stories by SmartBrief’s ffood and beverage readers last week. McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook gave updates on the chain’s all-day breakfast launch and offered details on the company’s ongoing efforts to trim less-popular items from the menu to make room for McMuffins. Meanwhile, some franchisees worried that the new menu was slowing service.[…] Continue Reading »

The social media revolution has made marketers’ lives much easier. It’s true that the field finds itself in uncharted territory. After overcoming the learning curve, however, the possibilities are endless.

Social media not only gives marketers access to a larger audience than ever before, but allows them to act efficiently without leaving their office. When individual updates can reach millions of people, the odds of generating leads can be exponentially higher than before.[…] Continue Reading »