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Out with the old and in with the new. So went the trend in most-popular stories this week, with details on Whole Foods Market‘s first 365 store, slated to open in Los Angeles next month, gaining the attention of the most readers this week. The store will reportedly put an emphasis on efficiency, with limited space for service departments and an emphasis on prepackaged fresh offerings, which will cut down on the store’s labor requirements, according to a floor plan for the store.[…] Continue Reading »

It is easy to overlook what actually caused most of today’s market share-leading iconic brands to get where they are. While marketing and branding play an important role in the growth of any consumer facing business, it is very easy, in retrospect, to ascribe an unfair share of credit for a food product’s eventual success to its brand.[…] Continue Reading »

One of the biggest changes in marketing in recent years has been the explosion of social media. There are many different social media platforms to engage current and potential customers. While social media can be an incredibly useful tool for many companies, usage needs to be carefully regulated and monitored to prevent agitating your customer base.

Manage new social media platforms
From Facebook and Instagram to Twitter and Snapchat, there is no shortage of platforms available to companies looking to utilize social media.[…] Continue Reading »

We’ve entered an era where business relevance is in major part measured by social media presence. Social media has officially become a significant part of business strategy, yet the social industry is a continually changing scene that can be hard to fully capitalize on. This presents a challenge to business owners who know they need to have a presence, but just don’t have the time to educate themselves or to execute what their companies need.[…] Continue Reading »

Consumers’ views on being overweight are changing. Our latest report finds that there is greater acceptance of being overweight as a society than in the 1950s, when modern dieting culture began. Over the past 10 years, overweight and/or obese Americans have come to accept their weight status as defined by the CDC, which is a huge shift in self-awareness and in willingness to accept stigmatized terms like “obese” as personal labels.[…] Continue Reading »