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Many seasoned marketers are all too eager to leave the social media marketing to younger professionals. The ever-evolving social media space can feel daunting to traditional marketers accustomed to broadcast and print marketing. But while the technology is different, the basic building blocks of marketing still hold true.

When creating a marketing campaign delivered through any media, you must…

  1. Identify your target market.
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Today’s health insurance customer is many things, according to marketing pro Lindsay Resnick of KBM Group, but it’s possible to draw a few useful generalizations.

“Today’s consumer is not a trusting consumer,” Resnick said, urging health insurers at a meeting of America’s Health Insurance Plans to fill a “customer experience gap.” Consumers surveyed about what they want from health plans ask just three things of their insurers, according to data Resnick cited: They want insurers to put patient care before profit, be there when consumers need them, and communicate clearly and honestly.[…] Continue Reading »

Every day, businesses launch and established companies make the decision to re-brand in order to stay culturally relevant. So how do you ensure your brand has a strong voice and compelling content that best reflects your key messaging?

How do you convince consumers to actually care about your product or service in this highly competitive climate? The first step is to decide what your brand story is, be consistent in telling it and consider three vital elements:

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Even as the debate goes on in Washington about whether schools should have more flexibility in incorporating federal school nutrition standards, nobody is arguing against the need for programs and partnerships that give kids the tools they need to eat better. Food companies including Chobani and Bolthouse Farms have partnered on efforts to win kids over to healthier snacks, companies like Revolution Foods are winning tech-world backers for their healthy school lunches and chefs and restaurants are making bigger moves to get kids eating more nutritious foods.[…] Continue Reading »

“This is big-kid marketing.”

That’s what I always tell new hires at my agency, because no matter how hard B2C marketing gets, it can feel like it’s nothing compared to marketing to the enterprise. So what social tools can help do the heavy lifting for B2B? You might be surprised by the number of tailor-made tools out there for communication and engagement.[…] Continue Reading »