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Okay, I bet you thought that the kids were leaving school to boycott or rally for a cause. No, what I meant is that my ESL students literally left the classroom to walk around the community, and in doing so experienced an explosion of English. Let me back up a little and explain.

On Friday afternoons, yes, every Friday for one year … that’s 36 times to be exact, we took walking field trips around Neenah, Wis., located about 40 miles south of Green Bay.[…] Continue Reading »

With a new school year approaching, it might just be a time to plan on incorporating the exposure of foreign language and comparative culture in your instruction no matter what grade or subject you teach.

Perhaps you can trace the history of a word, show the location of a past or current event with a map, expose your students to comparative literature with stories, legends and fables with settings and characters of other lands, and explore some basic expressions to make your second language and English as a second language learners more comfortable in the classroom and school.[…] Continue Reading »