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Imagine having your team go from five people to 80 in an instant. That’s what happened to Mike Calihan, a senior executive with Aldridge Electric Inc., a national infrastructure construction company based in Chicago.

He had been a project manager, managing relatively small electrical projects. He had been involved in crafting a response to a bid put out by the Illinois Department of Transportation.[…] Continue Reading »

Leaders must be the type who look at the glass as half-full versus half-empty. Why?

People need to be inspired, and they will only feel inspired if their leader is positively disposed — and joyful.

A leader inclined to be positive is one who looks at challenges as opportunities. A leader inclined to pessimism is one who sees challenges as roadblocks.[…] Continue Reading »

Amy*, a senior vice president in charge of marketing, comes to me with a request: She wants to provide professional development to her staff of five regional directors. At first glance, the request seems reasonable, doesn’t it? Of course, leaders should be on the lookout for ways to help their direct reports grow professionally.

Here’s the part where it gets tricky: Amy had already decided on a course of action.[…] Continue Reading »

I love eating breakfast at The Original Pancake House down the street from my house. It has great food and great service. I feel at home and always leave with my heart — and belly — full. And the last time I went, I left with my mind full of thoughts after speaking with my waiter.

Yes, the waiter.[…] Continue Reading »

Imagination often arises from an ability to stop thinking literally. Management by contrast is a literal process. At the same time, good managers sometimes let thinks fly in order to create something new.

Creativity then is based on substance which in turn becomes transformed by the energy that an artist, scientist or entrepreneur expends in producing something new and something different.[…] Continue Reading »