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I work in an industry that has a unique training process.

Experiential marketing takes part-time, temporary employees and quickly turns them into go-to experts on products and brands — otherwise known as “brand ambassadors.” When you speak with a brand ambassador at an event, it’s possible that he has only been representing that brand for less than a day.[…] Continue Reading »

I remember once sitting around the table with my faculty advisory committee. The committee consisted of four teachers from different grade levels and disciplines within the school and was designed to offer me feedback on various programs and change initiatives as well as be my ears on the ground.

At one point the conversation moved to hand written thank you notes that I had penned for each staff member over the summer and left for them on the first day of teacher meetings.[…] Continue Reading »

If you could bring your best boss into your current team or organization right now, what would she do? What would she change or refine to ensure team members are engaged, serving, producing, and feeling trusted and respected every day?

My best boss was Jerry Nutter. I spent 15 years in nonprofit management and enjoyed some good bosses, some lousy bosses and one really amazing great boss: Jerry.[…] Continue Reading »

Difficult people are everywhere. They’re in line in front of you at the bank, shopping with you in the supermarket, and next to you on the highway in rush hour.

In most circumstances, the best way to deal with the troublesome people around you is to ignore them, especially if they have little to no bearing on your life.[…] Continue Reading »

Forget state-of-the-art IT systems and over-the-top marketing campaigns. Often, the secret to improving a company’s productivity and skyrocketing its growth lies in its people — more specifically, the managers who understand the organization’s vision, motivate their teams and make things happen.

And research supports this statement: A study conducted by Stanford’s Graduate School of Business found that replacing a poor manager with a high-performing one boosted team productivity by 12%.[…] Continue Reading »