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People often use clothing to help define themselves. Some people will wear only designer clothing. Others try to be as trendy as possible, no matter who the designer is. Still others will wear only comfortable clothes.

Being trendy can help some people feel confident. But trendiness isn’t just for the rich. Designer clothes are available to the masses.[…] Continue Reading »

Play ball! A sure sign of spring is Opening Day in the major leagues. Baseball fans couldn’t be happier that the 2013 Major League Baseball season kicked off yesterday as the Texas Rangers took on the Houston Astros. Baseball, America’s Favorite Pastime, is beloved by people of all ages, income levels, every race and ethnicity, and by fans across the country.[…] Continue Reading »

The composition of the American household is changing. People often focus on the growing, diverse populations of Hispanics, blacks and Asians as well as an increase in the multiracial and ethnic populations. However, household size and makeup is also changing. Husband, wife, 2.5 kids, and a dog is no longer the norm. Households are now much more varied with single-parent, multi-generational, non-family, and one-person households comprising a larger portion of the population.[…] Continue Reading »

Wendy’s is streamlining its corporate IT systems by integrating Esri Business Analyst into its reporting at new locations. The geographic information systems software will help the quick-service chain in conducting market analyses and selecting new sites. “The company’s decision to integrate GIS as a scalable technology within its existing systems means that any staff member, from marketing to design, can gain the benefits of mapping intelligence without any training and at any time,” said Simon Thompson, Esri’s director of commercial business.[…] Continue Reading »

Location analytics certainly has its use in marketing, government and various other fields, but charitable giving isn’t immediately associated with the technology. However, Seattle-based tech company Placed thought to put the two together in an application that lets users give to charity in exchange for information on their whereabouts.

The Give 2 Charity app allows users to opt-in to location measurement in exchange for points that can be redeemed for donations to charities of their choice.[…] Continue Reading »