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James was a leader of a large organization that was downsizing, and he was struggling. He was always stressed out and was experiencing constant physical pain, emotional breakdowns and spiritual collapse. In his words, “He was a mess.”

On the outside, he looked fine, but he said that, on the inside, he was falling apart. He knew he needed a life change, but he had no clue where to begin.[…] Continue Reading »

An obituary is a recitation of facts embellished with stories. A eulogy is a song of praise to a life well led. It may be eloquent as well as humorous.

The lesson for leaders is to reflect on your life. Are you satisfied doing what you are doing now? Too often we are overwhelmed by the minutiae of the day, and it is hard to take a step back and gain perspective.[…] Continue Reading »

Lisa Petrilli, chief executive officer of C-Level Strategies, is passionate about changing the world through visionary leadership. She works with executive-level clients as a leadership consultant, marketing strategist and social media concierge. Read her Introvert’s Guide to Business and Leadership blog series; hire and connect with Lisa via LeadChange, website, LinkedIn or Twitter.

You’re an introvert who’s just been named CEO.[…] Continue Reading »