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A leadership transition is one of the most important yet underappreciated aspects of a new leader’s experience. It helps to frame the new leader’s role and the relationship that he develops with his team. If managed well, such transitions can make all the difference in promoting acceptance from within the ranks, and allowing the new leader the time and patience necessary to get acclimated and begin to build equity.[…] Continue Reading »

Companies and organizations will eventually have to hire a new leader. Whether due to retirement, the resignation of a president or the need for a new direction, change is inevitable. The transition between past and future leaders can be tense and uncertain. However, by focusing on your organization’s priorities, communicating effectively, and stepping up as a leader, you can strengthen your team in the face of transformation.[…] Continue Reading »

Business executives concerned about arranging peaceful transitions in the leadership of their companies may not want to look to Washington for guidance these days. Although the nation is embroiled in either two or three wars, depending on what you call the use of military force in Libya (another place not to look for orderly baton passes), it’s far from clear who’ll succeed Secretary of Defense Robert Gates in supervising the Pentagon’s more than 3 million employees and its annual budget in the hundreds of billions of dollars.[…] Continue Reading »