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Imagine having your team go from five people to 80 in an instant. That’s what happened to Mike Calihan, a senior executive with Aldridge Electric Inc., a national infrastructure construction company based in Chicago.

He had been a project manager, managing relatively small electrical projects. He had been involved in crafting a response to a bid put out by the Illinois Department of Transportation.[…] Continue Reading »

I love eating breakfast at The Original Pancake House down the street from my house. It has great food and great service. I feel at home and always leave with my heart — and belly — full. And the last time I went, I left with my mind full of thoughts after speaking with my waiter.

Yes, the waiter.[…] Continue Reading »

After logging on your email in the morning, do you ever find yourself falling into a rabbit hole of reactions and responses that rob you of a good hour of your day — every day?

What about your texting, social media, Googling, or online gaming habits? Have these behaviors been slowly and steadily growing in frequency over the years?[…] Continue Reading »

It was a small incident with a big implication! I was in the middle of checking out of the grocery store when the store manager approached the checkout clerk running the cash register. First, turning to me he said, “Excuse me”; then, turning to her he said, “I need to speak to you in private for a moment.”

I could not hear the conversation but clearly heard the phrase “annual performance review” in their brief encounter.[…] Continue Reading »

Squirrels love our backyard. Our large apple tree is a miracle of productivity. Each spring the trunk transforms nutrients under the ground into pink blossoms on the tree. In the summer the leaves flourish, and during the early fall apples grow larger — lots of apples. That’s what the squirrels like — literally, the fruits of the tree’s labor.[…] Continue Reading »