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“Squirrel!” In addition to its other endearing qualities, Pixar’s 2009 animated feature “Up introduced the world to Dug, a golden retriever with definite attention challenges. Dug sparks several comedic moments with a cry of “squirrel!” before dashing off-screen to give chase.

Resilience requires the ability to imagine what the future can be, and the discipline to reflect on what has been in order to determine a way forward.[…] Continue Reading »

“I’m so stupid. I’ll never get this!” The message looped inside Kent’s mind, its echoes blinding him to any way forward. When his teacher came by, she assumed he was daydreaming and not giving the practice exercises any effort. A reprimand followed, Kent looked back at the work in front of him, and the audio loop returned.[…] Continue Reading »

Samantha exhales and brings her hands to the sides of her forehead. Her thoughts begin a downward spiral. “I can only get so far before I don’t know what to do next. I’m not good at writing. I never have been, and don’t think I ever will be.” Her teacher, Mr. Williams, watches her pencil drop to the desk and recognizes the look of surrender on her face.[…] Continue Reading »

It was a hit song only after it wasn’t.

Radios in the 1980s pulsed with movie music as listeners cut footloose and danced their way into the danger zone. Some soundtrack albums became huge hits despite box office busts of their motion picture counterparts. Conversely, some tunes became hits because of their placement in a movie. “I’ve Had the Time of My Life” barely cracked the Top 40 before falling off and being placed on the to-be-shelved cart of “lost hit” archives.[…] Continue Reading »

We sat, afraid to move lest we interfere with the learning and interaction we were witnessing. Children — young children — moved throughout the classroom, carrying various materials while maneuvering around tables with teapots and an occasional flower vase before landing and unpacking their selected treasures. The materials were designed to foster discovery, engage imagination, serve practical purposes, or open new worlds for students.[…] Continue Reading »