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Corporate training programs often ask people to define what they are looking for in a leader. Respondents tell us they want leaders who are clear, fair and technically skilled. We want our leaders to be accessible at all hours, emotionally intelligent, caring and resilient.

The list of criteria that people look for is lengthy. In fact, it looks like the qualifications necessary to bring about world peace or lead a major global religion.[…] Continue Reading »

Companies need control to make sure they are efficient, compliant and even predictable, but it’s easy to go too far. Coping with a tough economy, increasing regulation and occasional errors, many leaders introduce too much central control, which ironically slow things down and undermine local responsibility and empowerment.

Institutionally, where does this tendency come from? In fact, traditional companies often take their cues about control from the military, where supervisors and overseers literally watched over the work of their people.[…] Continue Reading »