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While spending time in South Korea, I had the good fortune to visit Sinsu Middle School, led by the accomplished principal Lois Chunok Choi, who graciously guided me around her school in Seoul. A big “thank you” goes to Ned Kirsch, superintendent of Franklin West Supervisory Union in Vermont, who arranged an introduction for me.

Perhaps what was most surprising was how similar Korean schools are to American schools.[…] Continue Reading »

I’ve been wrestling with what would work as an American collective narrative, what could unite us in investing and supporting public education the way we should. The Finnish people appear to agree collectively on a narrative of equity, for example.

Turning the mirror back on the United States, we’d like to believe that Americans could gather around this same call of equity.[…] Continue Reading »

When we polarize the worlds of education and business, we miss what we can learn from each other. For example, there are many ways to apply an entrepreneurial approach to become a more effective educator:

1. Don’t wait for “someone else” to solve a problem. We know the issues that need solving because we live and breathe them, which means educators are in the best position to articulate and perhaps even develop solutions.[…] Continue Reading »

When recently presenting at the Annual Conference for Middle Level Education, I was struck by how much things have not changed, especially in terms of professional development models. In discussions around education reform, we have begun to recognize that a one-size-fits-all model doesn’t work for all of our students, yet there’s little conversation about differentiating PD for teachers, despite differences in experience, content areas taught, and learning preferences.[…] Continue Reading »