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In the lifetime of any manager, there will be many difficult conversations. Whatever the reason — performance, behavior or bad news — it can be hard to know where to start in having that difficult talk with someone. Worse, when a situation arises, there isn’t always time to plan a strategy on how you’re going to tackle it.[…] Continue Reading »

It sometimes seems like the high achievers in business are superheroes. They have stellar work records, amazing families, healthy bodies and still have time left for charity work. You’re working hard to get ahead, but can’t seem to fit everything in. How are they doing it?

The answer: They probably aren’t, and you shouldn’t either. Even top executives make sacrifices.[…] Continue Reading »

A wise man said there are three kinds of questions: Ones that show how smart you are, ones that show how dumb they are, and ones that seek information. I think there are a few more kinds than that. But it’s valid to be aware of how others feel about our questions.

So let’s look at the purposes behind questions.[…] Continue Reading »

More and more studies show that confidence is a critical trait in leaders, a quality that draws people in and adds weight to everything you say. It’s not only important to be right, you must also be confident. Yet sometimes it seems like confidence is either something you have, or something you don’t.

Not so. Confidence is a trait that can be developed.[…] Continue Reading »

It’s bound to happen sometime. You offend a team member. You drop the ball at a critical time. You forget about an important meeting or mishandle a vital project.

You feel terrible. You want to make it right—to fix the problem and be able to move on. But how do you apologize to your boss, co-worker, or employee without making it worse?[…] Continue Reading »