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If you’re looking for a way to liven up your blog’s editorial calendar, few story formats beat the expert question-and-answer session. You’ll be able to bring your readers fresh perspectives, and you’ll have a good excuse to reach out to other thought leaders in your field, broadening your network.

But don’t think that the fact that someone else is in the spotlight means you get to take a break entirely.[…] Continue Reading »

Content may be king, but it’s a cruel, merciless despot. Having a blog, a Facebook page or a YouTube channel for your business is like making a promise to your customers that you can never permanently fill. No matter how great that last post was, you need to keep feeding the beast. How can you possibly keep up?[…] Continue Reading »

Research firm Accountemps recently asked more than 1,000 CFOs what their favorite interview questions were. 42% of CFOs preferred questions that related to the applicant’s personal attributes. 34% said that they preferred questions about a candidate’s qualifications and 24% were partial to job or company-specific questions.

While standard interview questions such as “Where do you see yourself in five years?” and “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” were cited at a high rate, CFOs also had more interesting choices for their “‘go-to” questions.[…] Continue Reading »

As a college junior, I set my sights on participating in my university’s study/intern-in-Washington program. Word on campus was that the program was quite selective, particularly for students like me who were applying from outside of the school of public policy, so I took great pains to prepare and put on my most professional 20-year-old face.

Not long after sitting down in front of the three-member interview panel, one of the the panelists seriously tested my composure and professionalism.[…] Continue Reading »

Many HR professionals are pondering how to put social media tools to work in their recruiting strategy. In this Q&A, Craig Fisher, a veteran recruiter, explains where Twitter fits in with his plan. “Twitter is a huge traffic driver to our company web site and job board. I get direct referrals from posting jobs on Twitter, and I get friendly referrals on Twitter every week.[…] Continue Reading »