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This post is an excerpt from “Communicate to Inspire” (February 2014, Kogan Page) by Kevin Murray.

Be yourself better

Authenticity as a leader is crucial. Followers will not commit if they do not trust you and believe that you have integrity. So, even if you are a highly introverted individual, you will have to learn to speak with more passion, talk to your values and stand up more often to speak to your beliefs.[…] Continue Reading »

One may argue that classrooms shouldn’t have to be magical. They may argue that classrooms are a place for rigor. However, I would ask, “What is more magical than learning?” The feeling you get when you persevere after multiple failed attempts or find out something interesting that changes the way you see the world is magical. At the earliest stages of learning, when a baby learns to say his or her first word, magical expressions ignite the faces of those who are fortunate enough to hear those treasured sounds.[…] Continue Reading »

As a therapist in the school setting, I’ve come to realize the importance of preparing curriculum and therapy activities based on the whole child instead of one characteristic or attribute. You wouldn’t want people to define you by one characteristic, so why would we do this with disabilities? A person with autism or with a speech delay is much more than that one specific attribute.[…] Continue Reading »

As I was pulling out of my driveway one morning, I looked over into the neighbor’s yard. Their two-year-old was on the edge of a small, sloped retaining wall, about two feet high. The toddler concentrated on the slope, rocking back and forth to gain some momentum, trying to find the perfect foot placement. I held my breath and kept myself from yelling out or running over.[…] Continue Reading »

Most people know the legendary basketball coach John Wooden for the 10 college basketball national titles championships (including four perfect seasons) his UCLA Bruins men’s basketball team won while he was head coach from 1948 until 1975.

Many people know Coach Wooden was inducted twice into the Basketball Hall of Fame — as a player and as a coach.[…] Continue Reading »