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Sweeping immigration reform legislation being considered in Congress could bring about positive change for employers, in particular granting them access to deeper pools of talented foreign workers, said speakers at the SHRM 2013 annual conference in Chicago. However, the legislation could also introduce new dangers, and HR professionals should start taking stock of their workforces to determine the fees they could incur.[…] Continue Reading »

The election is over and we still have a divided Congress and impending “fiscal cliff.” So what can the construction industry expect during Congress’ lame-duck session, and next year? That was the topic of a conference call last week with members of the Associated General Contractors of America.

Post-election numbers show a slightly smaller Republican majority in the House and a slightly stronger Democratic majority in the Senate, said Jeff Shoaf, senior executive director of government and public affairs at AGC.[…] Continue Reading »

This year, Chipotle Mexican Grill learned firsthand the potential costs of immigration issues. Audits that started in Minnesota and spread to other markets led to the loss of about 500 workers because their documentation could not be verified, as Reuters and other news outlets reported.

Restaurants nationwide are potentially subject to Immigration and Customs Enforcement audits, but some states are taking it further to curb illegal immigration.[…] Continue Reading »

Business owners shouldn’t take lightly the prospect of getting investigated by the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement, said immigration lawyers Polly Ellingson and Jerome Grzeca at this week’s National HR in Hospitality Conference in Washington, D.C. According to Grzeca, ICE actively seeks to apply felony conspiracies such as money laundering to immigration law in an effort to build high-profile cases.[…] Continue Reading »

Illegal immigration has long been a serious area of concern for restaurant chains trying to comply with federal documentation requirements in an industry plagued with high turnover and the need to fill jobs quickly.

Recent federal immigration audits at Chipotle restaurants in Minnesota resulted in several hundred firings, followed by back-pay lawsuits by fired workers and an expansion of immigration audits to the chain’s 60 restaurants in Virginia and Washington, D.C.[…] Continue Reading »