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It can be difficult to manage a team of people. Often, day-to-day tasks become priority, and encouraging innovation and leadership can take a backseat.

So how can you empower your employees to become leaders in the office? Check out what these experts had to say:

Management needs to listen and react to employee feedback

When it comes to leadership skills, employees need to know they’re being heard and respected.[…] Continue Reading »

As a leader, letting go of the reins can be difficult. But when you think about it, who really likes being micromanaged? By nitpicking every step of a project, you’ll not only drive your employees a bit crazy, but you’ll cause yourself more stress in the process.

I spoke with several experts about how leaders can avoid micromanagement.[…] Continue Reading »

Most companies realize the value in employee referrals. For one, they’re often better candidates for openings since they’re pre-screened by folks who already work for you. But actually getting your employees to proactively reach out to their professional network can be tough.

How can leaders encourage employees to refer their connections to open positions within the company?[…] Continue Reading »