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All month, I’ve been saying and hearing, “Thanksgiving is so early this year!” And, as it happens, Nov. 22 is the earliest Thanksgiving can occur in the U.S. — the fourth Thursday of November — under the law passed by Congress in 1941 that took effect for 1942.

SmartBrief’s newsletters aren’t publishing today or tomorrow, but I wanted to offer something for anyone seeking some metaphorical food for thought.[…] Continue Reading »

You already know that your social media fans are responsible for much of your success. They spread the word, earn you revenue through referrals, and often become paying customers and lifelong fans of your brand. Rewarding your fans is a great way to show how much you appreciate their role in your success.

Though it might seem obvious that you should reward them, some people just don’t know how or when to do it.[…] Continue Reading »