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February is Career and Technical Education Month. In honor of CTE, this blog post offers tips for using technology to create a professional online profile.

The development of an online professional persona has become a critical component in pursuing employment, continuing a successful career and being engaged in the field of your choice.

We recommend students take control of their online identity through social networking.[…] Continue Reading »

Are you caught up with the most recent online marketing changes, updates and theories? Wishpond’s James Scherer, in this four-part series, will examine the most influential changes that have happened in the past six months, and how those changes affect you and your business on a daily basis.

This week, Scherer will discuss the rise of social media optimization and what it means for you.[…] Continue Reading »

Google uses more than 200 factors to determine how high your website should rank in search-engine results. What are the factors, and which are most important to rankings? Google isn’t always clear on that, leaving search-engine marketers to identify the most important ranking factors through experience and research, in addition to the limited information Google provides. Experience and research don’t always match up with information Google provides, though.[…] Continue Reading »

Every wish you could see the future? Google has given us enough insights to start to see that future coming into focus — and if you want to make sure your website, blog and content gets ranked on the first page of Google’s search engine, then questions have to be your focus for 2014.

Google is changing their search engine.[…] Continue Reading »

While you’re busy making plans for the holidays, the folks over at Google+ announced a few transformations of their own to Hangouts and to the platform’s photo- and video-editing software. Each change helps users more easily master the visual nature and interactivity of their own content and page — something that’s crucial to mastery of this highly visual platform, which is closer to Pinterest than to Facebook.[…] Continue Reading »