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With the Olympics taking place this month, everyone is going to be thinking about going for the gold. Ever wonder whether your marketing is worthy of a gold, silver or bronze medal? Better yet, ever wonder how much of the newest, cutting edge, results-oriented marketing is going into your lead generation efforts?

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Choosing the right content to post on social media is a bit like picking the right outfit each morning. To be successful you need to have a strategy, shop around for the best quality pieces and accumulate a tidy collection.

Like matching a good shirt with the right pants, pairing the best piece of content with the most fitting social platform hangs on three important factors:

  1. Where you are headed as a brand
  2. What you want to achieve
  3. The needs of your audience

Shop around

Dressing your social channels with the right content necessitates careful planning and coordination.[…] Continue Reading »

Google uses more than 200 factors to determine how high your website should rank in search-engine results. What are the factors, and which are most important to rankings? Google isn’t always clear on that, leaving search-engine marketers to identify the most important ranking factors through experience and research, in addition to the limited information Google provides. Experience and research don’t always match up with information Google provides, though.[…] Continue Reading »

Every wish you could see the future? Google has given us enough insights to start to see that future coming into focus — and if you want to make sure your website, blog and content gets ranked on the first page of Google’s search engine, then questions have to be your focus for 2014.

Google is changing their search engine.[…] Continue Reading »

How Facebook’s Sponsored Stories landed the company in hot water; updates to Google+ brand-page management; and the reason Coca-Cola is so popular on Facebook.

It’s all in this week’s top five most-clicked links in SmartBrief on Social Media: