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Jan. 1 is coming fast! If you’re like most of us, you’re knee-deep in year-end closing reports, next year budgets, family holiday planning — and stress!

Life is at the end of the year is just crazy — largely because we’re scrambling to meet so many goals we set for ourselves (and those set by others). Even though it feels nutty, this is actually a good time of the year to take a deep breath and think strategically about how we set our goals — for meetings, days, weeks and years — to help us reduce stress and increase productivity.[…] Continue Reading »

If you haven’t started thinking about your goals for 2013, you better get cracking! In this three-part video series and December webinar, we’re evaluating what makes a good goal statement — the kind that is more likely to be achieved.

Simple goal statements — “In 2013 we will increase revenues 10%” — are fine on PowerPoints and year-end reviews, but they lack information necessary to help those responsible for achieving them.[…] Continue Reading »

2013 is right around the corner, so it’s time to start evaluating our success for 2012 and setting goals for next year — professionally and personally. In this three-part video series and December webinar on the subject, we’ll look at ways to format and set goals that will make them more achievable.

Traditional business goal-setting uses simple, measurable statements — “In 2013, we will increase revenues 10%.” There’s nothing wrong with a goal like this, and it makes it easy for the organization to determine progress, but it lacks the information necessary to support the people who have to achieve it.[…] Continue Reading »

I’ve written more than my fair share about the problems of social media return on investment, but at the BlogWorld & New Media Expo in New York City, Clay Hebert showed me there’s always more I can learn.

The problem, he argues, is one of definition. To be successful at social media, you have to decide what success means.[…] Continue Reading »

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Lucie, the daughter of an old friend of mine, wrote this list of “things I whant to do when I get older” [sic].[…] Continue Reading »