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Baseball season is in full swing and once again it seems ballparks have been upping the game when it comes to the food, with everything from a Dungeness Crab Sandwich at AT&T Park in San Francisco to an eight-pound burger for $59 that serves eight Washington Nationals’ fans.

Purists can still get their familiar favorites, of course, including hot dogs, beer, peanuts and Cracker Jack.[…] Continue Reading »

At last month’s National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago, 2,168 exhibiting companies — a 4.3% increase over last year — showcased their products to more than 61,000 attendees. Some trends from last year’s show returned bigger than ever, including gluten-free items and health-focused beverages. Here is a look at three trends that dominated this year’s show.[…] Continue Reading »

The gluten-free market continues to grow as food companies and restaurants expand their offerings to cater to consumers’ appetite for gluten-free foods. Gluten-free dishes appeared on 9.4% of menus in 2013, compared with 1.8% in 2009, according to Datassential’s MenuTrends Database. But even as the segment grows and “gluten-free” continues to be a buzzword among consumers and foodservice professionals, gluten-free dishes still account for less than 1% of menu items across all categories.[…] Continue Reading »

More than 3,000 exhibitors showed off their wares at the 2014 Natural Products Expo West this weekend, from health food to many better-for-you (but still not-so-good-for-you) renditions of popular snack foods. This year’s Expo West buzzed with the energy of a recovering economy and venture capital, including an escalator that advertised dozens of recent acquisitions.

From the array of offerings, including yogurt, popcorn, chia seeds, bars, coconut and plenty of “free-from” foods, emerged three key trends with likely staying power, thanks to their health benefits and alignment with current tastes and demographic trends.[…] Continue Reading »

After years of food-makers, restaurateurs and consumers struggling with unclear definitions and making due with inconsistent labeling, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration last month issued an official definition of what constitutes a “gluten-free” food. I interviewed Anita Jones-Mueller, president and founder of Healthy Dining Finder, on what the new rules mean for restaurants and how they can offer healthy, safe food for gluten-free diners.[…] Continue Reading »