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Business gone global means that the ability of employees to work effectively together across borders and time zones has become critical. Cultivating global mindset in employees and organizations can squash misunderstandings that may hurt business while building team cohesion that can dramatically help. Still, studies show that leadership programs are failing at preparing future leaders with the skills needed to excel in this new business world.[…] Continue Reading »

Bill Swanson is North America CEO of Cartridge World, but he’s also the company’s global chief financial officer. I recently asked him how he came to hold both roles, how he balances and weighs those responsibilities, and how other companies might study a similar strategy and structure.

You have a finance background and came to Cartridge World as global CFO before adding the North America CEO role.[…] Continue Reading »

I took my first global management job seven years ago. I had grown up in the Midwest and graduated from a Big Ten university. With the exception of living in Japan right out of college, my work experience was almost exclusively with North American companies. I had a lot to learn fast.

Happily, the last seven years have been the best of my career in part because of our global operating environment.[…] Continue Reading »

SmartBrief is partnering with Big Think to create a weekly video spotlight in SmartBrief on Leadership called “VIP Corner: Video Insights Powered by Big Think.” This week, we’re featuring Brian Robertson, a partner at HolacracyOne.

There’s a difference between predicting how you’d ride a bike and actually successfully riding the bike — and that concept should be taken into account when managing a modern-day company, said Brian Robertson, an entrepreneur and partner at HolacracyOne.[…] Continue Reading »

This guest post is by Aubrey Daniels, author of “Safe By Accident: Leadership Practices That Build A Sustainable High Performance Safety Culture” and “Bringing out the Best in People.” You can read his blog and follow him on Twitter at @AubreyDaniels.

“Outsourced,” the workplace comedy on NBC, gives us another reason to laugh at real-life business scenarios.[…] Continue Reading »