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There is no shortage of articles about the troubles at Yahoo, which today has its quarterly earnings announcement. The core problem is the lack of a “big idea” that would represent new consumer offerings or dramatic changes to existing products that would generate genuine consumer excitement.

Unfortunately, Yahoo has basically been following a “me-too” strategy. Facebook and Google went big into mobile ads, so Yahoo eventually announced its efforts in this area.[…] Continue Reading »

RadioShack is on the ropes. What can be done to save it?

I’ve seen this scenario several times. Xerox comes to mind. In 2000, when Anne Mulcahy became Xerox’s CEO, the company was nearly bankrupt. Her leadership helped save it. In 2012, I spoke with Mulcahy in a series of interviews about how she led Xerox’s turnaround.[…] Continue Reading »

Alan Mulally’s plans to step down July 1 took Wall Street by surprise because they were anticipating his retirement at the end of the year. Ford rose out of the ashes because of Mulally’s leadership: he took bold steps, narrowed the company’s focus and rebuilt Ford’s culture.

Mulally restructured the company by defining a vision and then sticking with it.[…] Continue Reading »

Scott Monty took the stage at the 2013 New Media Expo in Las Vegas to talk about what he’s learned from four years of evolving social media programs at Ford. While the brand has had its share of ups and downs in the social media space, it has continually looked for new ways to connect with fans and to build positive word-of-mouth around its vehicles.[…] Continue Reading »

Examining the advantages of “psychographics”; Ford becomes one of the first brands to dive into the Google+ pool; and why video chat is popping up everywhere.

It’s all in this week’s top five most-clicked links in SmartBrief on Social Media:

Image credit: narvikk, via iStockphoto[…] Continue Reading »