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From the workers in the fields who pick our produce to the celebrity chefs crafting the 12-course tasting menus at our favorite five-star restaurants, the universe of people who contribute to putting food on our plates is wide-ranging and diverse, with plenty of moving parts.

Whether they’re growing the food, preparing it in factories and commercial kitchens, serving it at restaurant tables or selling it at supermarkets and c-stores, the fates of employees in the food industry are often tied to some common trends, especially when it comes to the economy and the rise of technology.[…] Continue Reading »

In Thailand it’s fish sauce. In Japan it’s miso and soy sauce. In Italy it’s Parmigiano-Reggiano. In Spain it’s cured meats. In Australia it’s vegemite. In the U.S. it’s ketchup (and Doritos, as in the Doritos Locos Taco, which was one of the most successful fast food introductions in history). In Korea it’s kimchi.

It’s umami. And lately chefs can’t seem to get enough of it.[…] Continue Reading »

Donna Berry is the owner of Dairy & Food Communications, a company that specializes in business-to-business writing, speaking and consulting projects in the dairy, beverage and food industries, and she writes for numerous trade publications, including Dairy Business News, Food Business News, Food Product Design, Meat & Poultry and Baking & Snack. She has a bachelors degree in food science from the University of Illinois and product development industry experience with Kraft Foods.[…] Continue Reading »

Anyone who works in the consumer packaged goods industry can attest that the shopping landscape is evolving at an accelerated pace. As shifts in shopping and spending resulting from the rise of a new generation of consumers who embrace different values and lifestyles intersect with the exploding digital landscape, manufacturers and grocery retailers are faced with the challenge of understanding these changes and their implications.[…] Continue Reading »

How operators are turning long lines, secret menus, and limited quantities into marketing opportunities

Since Chef Dominique Ansel released his croissant-doughnut hybrid last year, operators and manufacturers have been asking themselves, “How do we create the next cronut?” In an age where trends seem to capture our attention one minute and disappear the next, how do operators break through the noise and introduce the next craveable creation?[…] Continue Reading »