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Consumers continue to reshape the food and beverage marketplace driven by desires for higher quality life experiences. Many of these desires translate in to a search for balance and energy when it comes to health and wellness and a curiosity for new food and beverage experiences with a “simpler,” cleaner ingredient profile. Here are four examples of trends from 2015 that will exert considerable influence in the year ahead on both the food industry and food culture itself.[…] Continue Reading »

When looking ahead to the trends that will matter in 2016, Datassential focused on both the macro-level food trends that are redefining the industry, as well as the micro trends that are impacting specific ingredients or segments. We looked at the major trends that are influencing the culture and economy overall, from generational shifts to economic drivers, and combined it with

Datassential’s industry-defining data from services like MenuTrends and LOCAL to understand how the food industry will be affected in the year ahead.[…] Continue Reading »

Today’s dining experience has changed a great deal in a relatively short amount of time. Consumers are more empowered to learn than ever before and often turn to their smartphones to research food recalls, the links between diet and health, the sources of products, and potential allergens. The Quality Supply Chain Co-op (QSCC), Inc., The Wendy’s Company and many other foodservice industry stakeholders believe this is a phenomenon that cannot be ignored and innovation to serve this consumer need is key to staying relevant and improving the overall restaurant experience.[…] Continue Reading »

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Keeping up with the quickly evolving landscape of school meals — from shrinking budgets to plate waste, equipment breakdowns to updated nutrition requirements – can be a challenge for school foodservice professionals. However, as the national account manager of schools for Dannon, which has been serving the needs of foodservice directors since 1998, and from my previous work training school nutrition directors, I’ve been able to dig deep to find innovative solutions for how we at Dannon can partner to help school foodservice professionals be successful in their school menu planning.[…] Continue Reading »

This is a very exciting time for the food and beverage industry; there is such a vibrancy overflowing for all things cooking, shopping and eating. Consumers have a newfound curiosity, a deeper interest and higher levels of engagement with food that we are truly witnessing a broader cultural shift. You might say we are living in a food culture renaissance.[…] Continue Reading »