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As food allergies continue to become more prevalent, it may come as a surprise that there is still inconsistency among food manufacturers and restaurants regarding the way they address allergen labeling. In a session at the Academy of Nutrition and DieteticsFood & Nutrition Conference & Expo titled “Food Allergy Nation and the Role of RDs,” Joe Baumert, an assistant professor from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and Junehee Kwon, an associate professor from Kansas State University, discussed the discrepancies often seen in food labeling and what foodservice professionals can do to assist consumers with food allergies.[…] Continue Reading »

Sharing recipes and opinions about food used to be an activity based around the kitchen table, but technology is letting consumers find and share dishes, product reviews and nutritional advice at any hour, with people from across the globe. Applications on smartphones and tablets have replaced recipe boxes and written grocery lists, and musings about a particular food or nutrition question sparks long conversations on social media.[…] Continue Reading »

It used to be that if you wanted a quickserve restaurant to leave butter off your bun, everyone in the restaurant had to know about it. The cashier would have to communicate your healthy intention by screaming, “No butter on the bun!” to the employee preparing your sandwich, letting all fellow diners know about your special request.[…] Continue Reading »

As portion sizes and pants sizes continue to increase in the U.S., many health experts are saying that eating less is the best way to manage weight and stay healthy. But in a session at the Academy of Nutrition and DieteticsFood & Nutrition Conference & Expo, Barbara Rolls of the nutrition department at Pennsylvania State University and Ellie Krieger, a registered dietitian and host of Food Network’s “Healthy Appetite,” made a case for filling our plates as a path to better nutrition.[…] Continue Reading »