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This week, I attended another international education conference — the first annual Nassau Educational Technology Conference (NET.1). It was the first of its kind to be held in the Bahamas. There were over 200 educators from the Bahamas and several other surrounding island nations. Often, as American educators, we are faced with the day-to-day problems of our own system and are unaware of the challenges and real obstacles faced by other countries as they also strive to educate their youth.[…] Continue Reading »

In California, where I live, “alternative education” has a bad name. Somehow, it got the connotation of “schools for kids who can’t make it.” There also are many kids in mainstream schools who aren’t making it. I dare say, a whole lot more than in “alternative schools.”

I recently attended and presented at What Works! — the 10th Annual AERO Conference hosted by the Alternative Education Resource Organization.[…] Continue Reading »

“God bless entrepreneurs! They built our nation and will continue to keep us strong!”

AOL founder Steve Case has not lost confidence in American entrepreneurialism and its ability to access capital and then succeed. Other panelists at Tuesday’s “Fueling American Entrepreneurship” session at the Milken Institute Global Conference were more reserved, but if there were a one-sentence theme, it might have been, “How can we get to where we need to be?”

And where do entrepreneurs need to be?[…] Continue Reading »

A strong undercurrent running through the sessions at the SXSWedu Conference and Festival in Austin, Texas is the idea of educators becoming facilitators in personalized learning environments.

Here are just a few ideas that speakers shared supporting this change in education.

I am very fortunate to have a position that gets me invited to education conferences around the country, and occasionally out of it as well. I have written a number of posts describing the benefits, and the blemishes, of many of them over the last year. I am writing this post, as I am en route to Austin, Texas to participate in one of the big ones, the SXSWEdu Conference.[…] Continue Reading »