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As the federal government continues to furlough many of its workers through the shutdown, it is no surprise that the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area is most affected by the shutdown, according to a new story map from Esri and With 18.5% of the city’s local wages paid to federal employees, D.C. is feeling the sting of the political stalemate, but there are some other, less-expected cities that are feeling it, too.[…] Continue Reading »

It’s hard to think about air travel as a big business when you’re sitting in between two strangers on a plane in coach, but more than 1.4 billion passengers around the world departed, landed or connected at airports last year. Of those airports, the five busiest alone saw more than 382 million passengers, according to a story map from Esri.[…] Continue Reading »

SAP announced this week that it would be partnering with Esri, a leading geographic information system (GIS) and location analytics provider, to help customers improve business efficiency and decision-making. To learn more about the technical aspects of the deal and which SAP products it affects, click here. SmartBrief sat down with Marie Goodell, Senior Director, Product Marketing for Enterprise Information Management for SAP at the Esri International User Conference in San Diego to learn more about what the move means for users in the financial services industry.[…] Continue Reading »

Attendees of the Esri International User Conference in San Diego this week witnessed the unveiling of the Urban Observatory, a “live museum” that lets users simultaneously view real-time maps, images, videos, and authoritative data from major cities around the world. The Urban Observatory exhibit wows the senses and uses 30 screens to offer dynamic content from 10 cities that is organized around the themes of work, people, places, movement, and systems.[…] Continue Reading »

A recurring theme during’s appearance at the 2013 Esri User Conference on Monday in San Diego was that the music star tries to take the form of a sponge when it comes to sharing his worldly knowledge and experiences with children from the neighborhood where he grew up.

“I just try to sponge up my environment and then wring it out in Boyle Heights.”

For those who don’t know, Boyle Heights is a rather rough neighborhood east of downtown Los Angeles.[…] Continue Reading »