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Facebook ads have followed a distinct “less is more” trend over the past year. That is, at least in terms of quantity. Last June, the company announced it would be streamlining its range of 27 (often confusing) ad products, and now it’s also reducing the frequency of those ads you see on the right-hand side of your newsfeed.[…] Continue Reading »

A team of panelists engaged a packed room at SXSW on Sunday in a session titled Social Media: Strategies That Work and Future Trends. Lively, a social media app working to redefine the way we experience concerts, took a step away from their core product to broach a broader conversation about successful social media strategies for businesses.[…] Continue Reading »

You know those things that get done, and you really don’t know how they happen, until they don’t?

Or those employees you see only once or twice a year in performance reviews? When you look at the data, they are clearly getting their jobs done, but otherwise, they seem invisible.

Meet your secret workforce. You can always count on them.[…] Continue Reading »

Have you been overwhelmed by the metrics and comparison tools coming out of the new Facebook insights? Are you wondering which metrics really matter?

This article will explain the three main Facebook metrics you need to be watching on a daily basis. I’ll define them, tell you why they’re important and give you concrete ways you can use them to maximize your Facebook marketing performance.[…] Continue Reading »

In this new world where it seems like change is the only constant, we face a perfect storm:

  • Brand management is changing with the threat of “me too” brands, the growth of private label, company alignment behind billion dollar brands, and the retail trade’s becoming growing power.
  • Advertising is changing with the evolution of digital, social and mobile touchpoints and the resulting decay of some traditional media.
  • […] Continue Reading »