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The demographics of the U.S. population are changing dramatically. We are becoming a much more diverse society due to the growth of minority populations and immigration. Illegal immigration is a hot topic, generating strong feelings on both sides of the issue. The Office of Immigration estimates that 11 million illegal immigrants are living in the U.S. today; 3 million arrived in the past 10 years.[…] Continue Reading »

Many Americans like to communicate with their politicians and participate in organizations to make their voices heard. This is one of the key freedoms that Americans have — and they continue to take advantage of as much as possible — not only during elections but throughout the year. While many Americans like to participate in political and civic activities — some types of people do so more than others.[…] Continue Reading »

The U.S. population is changing. This had a large effect on the 2012 presidential and other elections and will continue to do so. It is especially important for the Republican Party to engage with the minority audience and to understand where it is growing and what their needs are.

In the latest demographic figures from Esri, the world’s leader in geographic information systems (GIS), in 2012, minorities make up 37% of the population.[…] Continue Reading »

Demographics played a large part in the outcome of the 2012 presidential election. The minority population has changed over the past several years, greatly changing the dynamics of the country, which has a large effect on national politics. In 2000, 12.5% of the population was Hispanic. That increased to 16.3% in 2010. Similarly, in 2000, 12.3% of the population identified themselves as black.[…] Continue Reading »

The election is over. All the votes have been counted (well, almost all of them). It is time to take a look at the electoral map and draw some conclusions about how Barack Obama succeeded in securing a second term in the White House.

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10 Takeaways from Obama’s 2012 victory:

  1. Obama rode to victory on the strength of the “Big City Blues” — Democratic voters concentrated in more populous areas.
  2. […] Continue Reading »