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In order to celebrate Digital Learning Day last month, I racked my brain to come up with something that would be both manageable and meaningful for me and my colleagues. The staff where I teach and provide technology coaching spans the spectrum when it comes to technology integration in the classroom.

There are roughly 70 teachers at my site and due to the nature of our campus, student population, master schedule and limited prep time, it is virtually impossible to arrange time for meaningful, authentic collaboration, outside of various mandated monthly meetings.[…] Continue Reading »

SmartBrief Education has been on the ground this week, bringing readers coverage of the 2014 SXSWedu Conference & Festival, held in Austin, Texas, March 3-6. Here’s a roundup of our top stories.

SXSWedu keynote: Closing the achievement gap begins at the ground level

Rod Paige, former U.S. Secretary of Education and 2014 SXSWedu keynote speaker, developed early in his life the belief that education was a pathway to solving the world’s problem.[…] Continue Reading »

The 2014 SXSWedu Conference & Festival kicked off Monday in Austin, Texas. SmartBrief Education is on the ground, bringing readers regular coverage of the event.

Educational technology should not be intrusive in the classroom. It should be designed in a way that makes the most of the real world of teachers, families and students, according to SXSWedu keynote speakers Vivienne Ming and Norma Ming, co-founders of educational technology startup Socos.[…] Continue Reading »

In my new role this year as a technology coach for the high school in which I work, I have found myself primarily involved in two separate but equally important activities: reflecting on and learning from my past challenges and successes with technology in my classroom and trying to motivate skeptical teachers to integrate technology into their classrooms.[…] Continue Reading »

I was sitting at a table at the FETC conference last week, taking a break between sessions, when I overheard a phone conversation between a teacher and a school colleague.

“Can you access Padlet from a school computer?”


 “No? OK, can you access”


“No? OK, at this point I am going to assume everything on this list is blocked.”

Sadly, this is a conversation I hear at every education technology conference I attend.[…] Continue Reading »