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With the advent of the Common Core State Standards for mathematics, more educational leaders, including teachers, administrators and policymakers, are realizing the need to change the way math is taught. Simply adopting a math curriculum that aligns with the standards will not lead to learning changes, so many schools and districts are turning to instructional coaches.

In fall 2014, I investigated the on-the-ground work of math coaches.[…] Continue Reading »

During April, SmartBlog on Education will shine a light on educating the whole child. In this blog post, we learn about the role mentoring plays in supporting students’ social, emotional and physical needs.

In my long career as an educator, I have participated in numerous collaborative projects with other teachers and their students. I have found that these collaborative, mentorship-type opportunities educate participants in a way that goes far beyond just academic success.[…] Continue Reading »

I’ll admit it: I enjoy being known as one of the “fun” teachers in school. I get a little lift when they walk in and the first thing they say is, “I heard English was fun today. I’m excited.” It gives me great satisfaction to know that my students enjoy coming to class and that they often share what we do with their parents when they get home.[…] Continue Reading »

Opinions vary about how much parent involvement in schools is the right amount.

On one hand, you have what’s often referred to as “helicopter” parents characterized as hovering outside the classroom door or overloading educators’ inboxes with copious email. This image represents the vocal few and can overshadow the positive influence parents can have in the classroom and to the long-term success of their child’s learning.[…] Continue Reading »

Teaching is in the middle of a change, an evolution, a revolution — the intensity of the description depends on whom you ask. One could argue that this change is natural and part of an ebb and flow cycle, but this change feels faster, and possibly more frenetic — likely due to technology’s role in the change.[…] Continue Reading »