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SmartBrief Education’s Path to Workforce series brings you original content and events on the topic. Path to Workforce is our vision of college and career readiness, encompassing K-12, adult learners, career changers, non-traditional students and those who forgo a traditional four-year college experience.

How can associations, organizations, schools and industry help to achieve equity in the science, technology, engineering and math workforce?[…] Continue Reading »

October is National Bullying Prevention Month. Jim Dillon, an educator for over 35 years including 20 as a school administrator and the current director of the Center for Leadership and Bullying Prevention, helps us jump start the conversation with a call to reexamine the story we tell about bullying.

“Our tendency to see and explain the world in common narratives is so deeply engrained that we often don’t notice it — even when we have written the words ourselves.” Dan Pink

I once sat between two teachers and heard them comment on a student that they both taught.[…] Continue Reading »

SmartBlog on Education’s monthly content award recognizes content written by educators, for educators that inspires readers to engage, innovate and discuss.

SmartBrief Education editors and writers sift through thousands of sources each day, reading a variety of content, including blogs and commentaries written by you and your peers.

In an effort to recognize some of the innovative voices in the field, we’ve asked our team to nominate their favorite content each month from which we’ll choose two winners for the Editor’s Choice Content Award.[…] Continue Reading »

I have often said not all of my students have a reading deficit; they have a “like” deficit. Therefore, I spend time getting them excited about learning. We begin our day with a “would you rather” question in which they must make a choice and defend this decision.

We focus on the “why” this decision is best for them.[…] Continue Reading »

Forty-two states, the District of Columbia, four territories, and the Department of Defense Education Activity — DoDEA — have adopted the Common Core State Standards. The standards took the stage in 2010, and since then, the standards landscape has shifted often, with some states opting for their own standards and assessments.

This month, we’re covering Common Core: Where are we now?[…] Continue Reading »