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Okay, so maybe you don’t need the “T” in “CTE” to spell “college and career,” but I gather that you get my point even without reading any further.

But, humor me, and read on.

With so much of the national edu-talk being about making sure that learners of all ages are “college and career ready,” you might think that this form of readiness is easy to define.[…] Continue Reading »

While scrolling through my Twitter feed, I saw a Rick Wormeli slide someone shared about “What Doesn’t Motivate?” posted from his presentation at the 2013 National Conference on Differentiated Instruction. The last bullet point on the slide struck a chord with me: “Students spending the majority of their day working on their weak areas, being reminded of their deficiencies.” As a former special education teacher, this is a practice I have fought against my entire career.[…] Continue Reading »

The story of the culture-shocked immigrant has been the inspiration for many lighthearted comedies, from “Coming to America” to “Spanglish.” But movies rarely paint an accurate picture of the true hardships faced by immigrants. For new American families, the lingual, cultural, economic and technological barriers to becoming a successful citizen can be overwhelming — and if not addressed, can result in failure to thrive.[…] Continue Reading »

With over 37,000 students, almost half of whom speak a language other than English at home, and 30% of whom qualify as English-language learners, Oakland Unified School District needed a way to better support their students, and their families. In this interview with SmartBrief Education, coordinator Sue Pon discusses the Family Literacy Program and shares lessons for other school districts.[…] Continue Reading »

Education Talk Radio recently helped SmartBrief Education shine a light on the Maker Movement and educator-bloggers Aaron Vanderwerff and Patrick Waters. Vanderwerff and Waters are the recipients of our first annual  Educators’ Choice Content Awards. 

Vanderwerff is a K-12 makerspace and science coordinator at Lighthouse Community Charter School in Oakland, Calif. Waters is a middle- and high-school educator at The Monarch School in Houston, Texas.[…] Continue Reading »