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Opinions vary about how much parent involvement in schools is the right amount.

On one hand, you have what’s often referred to as “helicopter” parents characterized as hovering outside the classroom door or overloading educators’ inboxes with copious email. This image represents the vocal few and can overshadow the positive influence parents can have in the classroom and to the long-term success of their child’s learning.[…] Continue Reading »

It’s cliché but true: Change is hard. It requires belief, persistence, support and sometimes a bit of good luck. Change can be especially difficult to achieve in schools. There are myriad stakeholders with students’ best interest in mind, but they oftentimes have different opinions as to how exactly student success is realized. We all agree on the desired outcome, but our formulas are different.[…] Continue Reading »

Thinking about social media and how it works in regards to learning inside and outside of classrooms is endless and inspiring. Just by tweeting an idea, you can spark a connection and invite your students to experience the value of social media.

As I began to dabble with this idea, I was immediately struck by how other educators were using this tool as a way to connect, engage and enhance learning.[…] Continue Reading »

Busy K-12 education technology innovators looking to boost their know-how and expand their skill set now have a timely new resource. SmartBrief is pleased to announce “Tech Tips Tuesdays” in SmartBrief on EdTech, the leading daily K-12 Ed Tech newsletter. The tips, written by educators for educators, are being produced in partnership with GreyED Solutions, a company headed by nationally recognized education leaders serving K-12 schools and the EdTech Industry.[…] Continue Reading »

We teachers are very tempted to employ the “back in my day, we did things differently” tactic with our students. Student zoning out in class? Tough, because back in my day you either paid attention or you missed out. Didn’t know what the homework was? Too bad, because back in my day you picked up the phone and called someone to find out.[…] Continue Reading »