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As the year ends, many people make their annual contributions to their favorite charities. The average American donates $298 in cash each year to charities, according to Esri, world’s leader in geographic information systems (GIS). Types of charities include animal welfare, disease cures and post-disaster assistance. Educational charities receive $100, on average, from Americans who donate. Religious charities benefit the most, receiving $915 annually, on average.[…] Continue Reading »

This post was written by Troy Janisch, with art from Mark Anderson. Both contributors have two decades of digital-marketing experience and lead social media activities at American Family Insurance, a Fortune 300 company. Janisch blogs at, and Anderson shares his art at

When an 8.9 magnitude earthquake hit Japan in March, 250 miles northeast of Tokyo, it triggered a tsunami that caused major destruction in northern Japan.[…] Continue Reading »

This post is written by Geoff Livingston, an author and co-founder of Zoetica. Read more of his writing at his personal website and follow him @Geoffliving.

It’s easy to gripe online about the ways that something could be better. During the holidays, however, it’s always good to consider things that filled us with a sense of gratitude.[…] Continue Reading »

Nonprofits and traditional businesses aren’t always as different as they appear. Sure, they’re going to do different things with their revenue. But on the road leading up to making a sale (or securing a donation), they’ve got a lot of the same worries. They both want to get their names out there, shape their brand identities and convince people to part with their hard-earned money.[…] Continue Reading »