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How do you say “Bear Stearns” in Chinese?: Headlines about the credit markets in China certainly feel like a “Bear Stearns moment” is not too far away. China expert Charlene Chu sat down with The Telegraph and discussed why that may or may not happen. “Whether or not a single trust product like this [the ICBC trust] would be the start of the unravelling is much harder to tell, because you’ve got such an interventionist government in China.[…] Continue Reading »

Paul E. Purcell, chairman, CEO and president of Robert W. Baird & Co., sees a lot of positive signs in the financial markets industry. U.S. banks are better capitalized than their European counterparts. Individual investors have come back to the bullish stock market. Robust energy markets are leading to the “re-industrialization” of America, he noted Tuesday during a Q&A at the SIFMA Annual Meeting.[…] Continue Reading »

Research firm Cerulli Associates forecasts that more than 25,000 financial advisers will retire or leave the industry by 2017. How the industry copes with that lost was a hot topic of a breakout session about individual investor advice Tuesday at the SIFMA Annual Meeting.

“I don’t think we’re doing nearly enough as an industry to address this problem,” said John Taft, CEO of RBC Wealth Management-U.S.[…] Continue Reading »

BlackRock CEO Larry Fink was a featured speaker at the SIFMA Annual Meeting Tuesday in Manhattan. During his appearance, Fink shared numerous nuggets of wisdom with the audience, including these 10 key takeaways:

  1. If it wasn’t for Washington, the U.S. economy would be stronger and there would be more foreign investment in the U.S. “Our economy is based on principles … one of those principles is strong government.
  2. […] Continue Reading »

For a man who claims he doesn’t want to be president, Jeb Bush certainly thinks he has the cure for everything that ails the United States. In a candid appearance at the SIFMA Annual Meeting on Tuesday, the former Florida governor shared his ideas on a whole litany of issues, including Wall Street reform, immigration, education, the Affordable Care Act and the dysfunction in Washington.[…] Continue Reading »