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For the past two quarters, Taco Bell has held the Restaurant Social Media Index’s No. 1 spot on our Overall Top 250 list. The Live Mas brand unseated McDonald’s in Q1 2013. This quarter, however, several brands — including the No. 1 — have shifted. Chipotle took the top spot (up from No. 8 in Q2 2013) for the first time on the Overall Top 250.[…] Continue Reading »

Between the biggest social platforms — Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube – chefs now have the ability to reach thousands of consumers at one time, in one place. Some chefs share relevant food articles, some Instagram their succulent dishes (#foodporn), and others use their social platforms to unveil daily specials. The best social chefs do all of the above and more.[…] Continue Reading »

Make sure to practice your best Instagram pose and get those tweets ready — there’s a new awards ceremony in town! The RIZMY Awards, or RIZMYs for short, will showcase the best social and digital brands in the Restaurant & Hospitality industry. Think of it as the Emmys of the foodservice industry (but without the awkwardly long speeches and stiff dress codes).[…] Continue Reading »

We’re a bit late to announce our RSMI Q1 2013 data, but rest assured, the numbers are in! Before we dive into the Top 10 of the Top 250 Overall Brands, we’re excited to announce that this quarter is all about new metrics, and we’re just beginning to roll out a slew of them, all to be launched throughout 2013.[…] Continue Reading »

Fast casual has certainly given other segments in the restaurant industry a run for their money in the past few years, and it’s no surprise that this segment has become the fastest-growing in the industry. The combination of fresh, made-to-order, customizable and less costly food is more appealing in terms of healthiness, transparency and cost-saving options. But most recently, we’re seeing casual dining trends increase as well, with consumers visiting casual restaurants even more than fast casuals, proving that a little competition can be a good thing.[…] Continue Reading »