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We all agree that creating social learning environments where students learn from one another is beneficial. Creative teachers plan for this, advocates of problem-based Learning — PBL — take advantage of this and new models in games-based learning — GBL — are building this into the learning process. And, we can all agree that technology can help facilitate these environments — students will peer edit each others’ literary analysis so that they can learn from observing the changes suggested as they compare solutions.[…] Continue Reading »

SCENE: Three strangers at a coffee shop, reading the same page of the want ads.

Business leader seeks educated students who work independently and collaboratively to solve problems by applying information in new ways to produce creative solutions. Contact: pie-in-sky?@it’

Educator seeks a new set of priorities where my content is secondary to the 21st-century skills and attitudes my students will need in the future.[…] Continue Reading »


“Hello Games-Based Learning; this is Problem-Based Learning.”

Like two pandas in a zoo, we need to do all we can to ensure that these two find a soul mate in the other.

Games, by definition, are meant to be fun. But, in the race to transform schools, we’re missing out if the goal of games-based learning is to help us run that race faster or provide students with more fun while they run.[…] Continue Reading »