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Technologies like blockchain and artificial intelligence were hot topics at the Milken Institute Global Conference this week in Beverly Hills, Calif. The “The Transformation of Finance: Technology’s Impact on Wall Street” panel featured Nasdaq President and COO Adena Friedman (scroll down for video of the panel discussion). SmartBrief chatted with Friedman after the panel to hear her thoughts on how certain technological advances are changing the way Wall Street does business.[…] Continue Reading »

The insurance industry this year is facing regulatory challenges on a variety of issues including cybersecurity, pricing, and mergers and acquisitions. Deloitte outlines these trends in a report, and experts with the firm take a deeper dive into these topics in an e-mail interview with SmartBrief. In this post, they examine issues affecting the property/casualty sector.[…] Continue Reading »

PayPal CEO Dan Shulman sees change afoot in the financial services industry. While speaking on a panel at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Shulman outlined the 5 trends that are re-shaping the way financial services are conducted around the world.

  1. Money is digitizing – 85% of global financial transactions are conducted in cash (based on volume, not value).
  2. […] Continue Reading »

John Micklethwait, the Editor-in-Chief of Bloomberg, says last year you couldn’t get through any World Economic Forum panel related to finance without someone mentioning regulation. This year the inescapable topic is fintech.

Technological advances are destined to alter how the business of finance is conducted around the world. Are the world’s banks nimble enough to keep pace with the offerings of fast-moving fintech startups?[…] Continue Reading »

Terry Duffy is the Executive Chairman and President of CME Group, which is hosting its annual Global Financial Leadership Conference next week in Naples, Fla. Mr. Duffy chatted with SmartBrief and shared more background on the GFLC.

The Global Financial Leadership Conference is now in its 8th year … How has the event evolved?

The GFLC has evolved into one of the foremost events for leaders in our industry.[…] Continue Reading »