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You cannot have a best-in-class call center without a rock star director.

This may sound extreme, but I assure you it isn’t. I’ve seen centers with solid potential downsized and closed far to often when they could have been salvaged with better leadership. I’ve also seen the amazing turnarounds happen in just a few months when the only dynamic that changed was the leader.[…] Continue Reading »

It’s no secret that making the most of social media is integral to the marketing, branding and customer services goals of any business. For small businesses, this can be especially true. In many cases, though, worthwhile social media management is easier said than done. Sometimes, taking a look at the way larger brands utilize their social media accounts can often be insightful.[…] Continue Reading »

My family has been a Sprint wireless customer for more than 10 years. We’re happy now, but in 2007, we almost fired Sprint because of dropped calls, billing problems and limited support for newer smartphones.

Ironically, if we had called to complain often enough, Sprint might have fired us!

That’s right: In June 2007, Sprint fired about 1,000 of its 53 million wireless customers for excessive calls to the contact center.[…] Continue Reading »

Listening to customers is easy when you like what they have to say. When they love your product and want more of it, when they express high levels of satisfaction and indicate a willingness to promote you to others, things are great.

What’s not so easy — and what some companies seem almost congenitally unable to do — is listen to the customer when the news is not so good.[…] Continue Reading »

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C’mon, admit it: this is one of those songs that just get stuck in your head, with nearly 400 million viewings, according to YouTube estimates.[…] Continue Reading »