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“I just don’t trust him.”

So said a senior leader of a peer recently during interviews I conducted to learn more about their organization’s culture and how their leadership team operates.

It’s a message I hear all too often when working with executive teams. The demands placed on senior leaders cause them to act in ways that help their functional areas — accounting or manufacturing, for example — even if their behavior causes issues with their peers’ functional areas.[…] Continue Reading »

How do you foster a healthy corporate culture? CEO Skip Prichard offers six keys for creating a people-centered culture that drives success.


This story appears in the January 2016 digital edition of SmartReport on Leadership. Click here to access this free magazine.


It was going to be a great event. We went all out, hiring a band, setting out a lavish buffet and transforming the room into a bright, festive oasis of color.[…] Continue Reading »

I’ve been speaking, coaching, and writing about how leaders can build high-performing, values-aligned cultures for over 25 years.

My proven framework helps leaders create an organizational constitution and then align all plans, decisions, and actions to it.

Your organizational constitution formalizes expectations in four vital areas:

  • Purpose (your company’s present day “reason for being,” besides making money)
  • Values and behaviors (what great citizens look, act, and sound like)
  • Strategies
  • Goals.
  • […] Continue Reading »

I attended a conference in Southern California last week just after the San Bernardino massacre. I couldn’t help but notice the hosts and hostesses throughout the convention center paying close attention to badges. If someone had forgotten to attach it or if it was turned around and not visible, an employee would cordially inquire, make a request to see the badge, or guide the person to the escalators that would remove them from the building.[…] Continue Reading »

During the celebratory toasts for my company’s 30th anniversary, one of our contractor consultants raised his glass and said, “Congratulations! And thank you for always paying on 30 days.”

Other toasts highlighted CommCore’s high-profile success preparing clients for “60 Minutes” interviews, Congressional testimony and launching consumer products and IPOs. But the “paying on time” compliment struck a particular note about the little/big things a business needs to pay attention to in order to survive and prosper for 30 years.[…] Continue Reading »