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Chefs and other foodservice professionals are just beginning to scratch the surface of what they can create with 3D printers, and the possibilities are seemingly endless. The Culinary Institute of America has teamed with 3D Systems to explore how the 3D printing company’s ChefJet Pro, the first 3Dfood printer, can be used in professional kitchens.[…] Continue Reading »

The popularity of craft and small-batch brews has been growing steadily, fueled in part by a growing awareness of the ways beer and food work together to tempt increasingly adventurous palates in search of new flavors.

U.S. craft beer continued to soar in popularity both at home and abroad last year, jumping 22% to $19.6 billion, according to the Boulder, Colo.-based Brewers Association.[…] Continue Reading »

Today’s food business landscape is constantly evolving. Packaged goods manufacturers are taking inspiration from high-end culinary trends (and vice versa), and increasingly savvy consumers are demanding food that is healthy, sustainable and craveable. To help the next generation of food entrepreneurs respond to these new challenges, the Culinary Institute of America is expanding its focus with The Food Business School, a new center for executive and graduate education that will prepare students for the next era of food business.[…] Continue Reading »

Dr. Tim Ryan, president of The Culinary Institute of America, has been elected to the National Restaurant Association‘s Board of Directors, the CIA announced Monday.

Ryan has served on the NRA’s Educational Foundation Board of Trustees since 2011, the same year the NRA awarded its Faces of Diversity Inspiration Award to the Institute, honoring the CIA for its El Sueño initiative at the San Antonio campus. 

“I am pleased to help the industry that has given such support to the CIA and provided such great career opportunities to our graduates– myself included,” Ryan said in a news release.[…] Continue Reading »

As craft beer continues to gain prominence with both consumers and culinary types, retailers are increasing their stocks of popular local and regional brews and restaurants are investing more into craft beer with diversified offerings and special pairing menus. The increase in sales of craft beer and the continued attention these beers get from chefs, brewers and restaurants suggest that craft brewing is more than just a fleeting trend, and knowledge of fermentation and brewing is quickly becoming just as important as wine expertise in the restaurant world.[…] Continue Reading »