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When Hurricane Katrina flooded New Orleans, Rod West had to tell the truth and tell it fast. As Entergy’s operational executive he was on point to restore power.

When Rod faced his team after surveying the destruction from a helicopter, everyone had questions. What did you see? How bad is it? What about my neighborhood?

My response was: “Six feet of water; eight feet of water….”

“What about St.[…] Continue Reading »

Even companies with exceptional customer service backgrounds can experience disaster at any moment. The internet makes it possible for even a minor customer service blunder to have a tremendous impact on your online reputation. Just like a natural disaster, it’s best to be prepared before the storm ever strikes.

Disasters can be sudden and unpredictable

A lot of companies believe that customer service disasters won’t happen to them, which makes their occurrence even more sudden.[…] Continue Reading »

Most org charts propagate the myth of the lone leader. They are typically drawn as a pyramid culminating in a singular person at the top: the CEO. The obvious problem with this paradigm is that no one leader has everything it takes to lead well in every situation. The leader who motivates during a crisis is often different than the leader who shines in times of peace.[…] Continue Reading »

Crises often occur unexpectedly. What can never be unexpected is a leader’s response.

The leader must assume control of the response with alacrity as well as authority. Integral to the response must be the leader’s command presence and the ability to communicate coherently and correctly.

Do these things and the crisis will remain, but people involved in the crisis will be assured that someone is in charge and is mobilizing the right resources and right people to solve the problem.[…] Continue Reading »

Even though it happened over 20 years ago, the memory is vivid: While working in corporate America, I was waiting for a fax for one of my projects. Upon hearing the sound of an incoming fax, I grabbed the paper off the machine, read it, and then lost all thought of the task on which I had been so urgently focused.[…] Continue Reading »