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While the ignition problems at General Motors and the falsified waiting lists at Veterans Affairs may not seem comparable, there is one distinct parallel. In both cases, leaders were managing to results.

It’s hard to believe that in today’s business environment, many organizations are still employing practices that not only don’t work but can also harm people.[…] Continue Reading »

Alan Mulally’s plans to step down July 1 took Wall Street by surprise because they were anticipating his retirement at the end of the year. Ford rose out of the ashes because of Mulally’s leadership: he took bold steps, narrowed the company’s focus and rebuilt Ford’s culture.

Mulally restructured the company by defining a vision and then sticking with it.[…] Continue Reading »

Do you remember Buzzword Bingo? It’s been a while, but you can still find this bingo-style game online. The object is to tick off every corporate buzzword uttered by a leader in a meeting. If you get five in a row, bingo! Scott Adams lampooned this in a “Dilbert” cartoon where an employee got bingo in the first sentence of a meeting.[…] Continue Reading »

How well does your team or organization operate today? Are performance targets met or exceeded regularly? And, at the same time, do leaders and staff treat each other and customers with honor and respect during every interaction?

Recently, a client asked me to help them with their corporate culture. This manufacturing facility is very successful (i.e., they’re making very good profits) from a dedicated core of long-time customers.[…] Continue Reading »

When I ask senior leaders how they spend their time in their work environment, they report three things more frequently than any other activities.

  • Meetings with direct reports.
  • Evaluating and analyzing performance data.
  • Addressing performance problems.

Certainly, these are important behaviors for senior leaders. But are these the most beneficial activities senior leaders can engage in? I don’t think so — and will explain in a few paragraphs why.[…] Continue Reading »