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One of my good friends manages the marketing strategy for British Columbia Rowing, an NGO here on the West Coast. For the past couple months (ever since he got around to reading some of my stuff and came to realize I may actually know what I’m talking about), he’s been asking me for advice on a pretty frequent basis.[…] Continue Reading »

Want people to spread the word about your business? You’ll have to start with something to talk about. And while some viral messages come out of nowhere, it helps to evaluate and plan for the word of mouth topic that’s right for you.

Start by asking these questions:

  • Are people already talking about it? Before you decide on a word of mouth topic, follow your customers’ conversations.
  • […] Continue Reading »

Does Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm ever make you want to punch your monitor? It’s okay to say yes … I think it frustrates everyone from time to time. EdgeRank recently got me fired up, but instead of ruining a perfectly good monitor I decided to “go all scientific on it.” My company has had a Facebook business Page for several years, and in the last year and a half our Facebook community has seen exceptional growth and success.[…] Continue Reading »

Video for the small screen — online, on mobile, or in an installation — works. Study after study has shown that video for the small screen beats traditional TV advertising for engagement and awareness. And the money is following the research — spending on video for the small screen is growing by leaps and bounds.

But it takes more than simply recognizing a trend to produce a memorable video.[…] Continue Reading »

Content creation can be one of the toughest areas for a business owner to handle. Knowing what to post and coming up a stead stream of new ideas is not always easy. Content creation is also time consuming to put out onto the social networks, so much so that many businesses just give up. This guide is created to simplify the process of content creation, starting with images.[…] Continue Reading »