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For many of us, speaking in public is our No. 1 fear.

Fear of speaking in public stems from many things such as uncertainty about what to say, the perception that you might embarrass yourself, or even self-consciousness about how you will sound. These feelings stem from one thing: lack of self-confidence.

Find out how can you gain more confidence as a speaker.[…] Continue Reading »

Leaders need to inspire the trust of those they lead. When the heat is on, leaders need to radiate calmness, clarity and most of all confidence.

Belief in yourself is essential to leadership that must be communicated through words and example to others whom you are asked to lead. They are looking to their leader for direction as well as for hope and often inspiration.[…] Continue Reading »

Cheryl, you know more about these work processes than most of the folks up there. Did you apply to be a speaker?” I asked, wondering why my colleague was sitting next to me in the audience rather than participating in the panel discussion at the national conference we were attending.

“I thought about it but decided not to.”

“Why’s that?”

“Once I get promoted, my chances of being a speaker will be better.”

Six months later, Cheryl called to tell me she’d been laid off during a company reorganization.[…] Continue Reading »

You might be first-line supervision or midlevel in your organization, and you might also be a high-potential or high-performing leader. You are an accomplished person who’s worked your way to get where you are by using significant talents.

Yet, as gifted as you might be, sometimes you might feel powerless. The larger organization asks a lot of you.[…] Continue Reading »

Why would anyone follow a leader with no confidence? They wouldn’t.

Too many aspiring leaders leave the development of this critical skill to chance when, in fact, confidence is one of the easiest leadership skills to build all by yourself. You don’t need anyone else’s permission or consent to get started. Great leaders figure this out along the way, so why not get a leg up on the intuitive process they use?[…] Continue Reading »