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About a year ago, if you posted a question, complaint or compliment on one of Olive Garden’s social pages, you’d probably be ignored. According to Justin Sikora, Darden director of public relations and social media, it’s not that they didn’t care — just that they weren’t staffed to care.

With a third-party agency creating promotions and campaigns for Olive Garden’s social presence, they were prepared to push messaging, not help customers.[…] Continue Reading »

The words “isolated” and “fragmented” have no place in social media. That’s the reason General Mills knew it needed to bring together its brands, which were “doing their own thing” in the social sphere, and stop letting agencies manage brand communities. To do it, the company needed community-engagement managers to bring ownership, accountability and real involvement to the company’s social media platforms.[…] Continue Reading »

Many community managers sell themselves short. While this is undoubtedly in part due to the persistent trend of many organizations to limit the role of community managers to updating their brands Facebook page or LinkedIn group, it does rather render the “manager” part of their job title redundant. Folks like that aren’t really managing anyone. All they’re doing is acting as a mouthpiece for the marketing team.[…] Continue Reading »

Lauren Vargas was tired of organizations putting community management teams in the corner. So she developed a “playbook” for enabling 35,000 Aetna employees to engage in social media.

Her strategies take a cue from nature by decentralizing responsibilities, creating a safe haven and providing adaptive tools. The outcome: integrated social skills and stronger community connections.

Vargas shared her community management strategies at’s BlogWell conference in Chicago.[…] Continue Reading »

Last year it emerged that 69% of companies either have or are planning to hire a community manager to their ranks. The rationale behind this development is clear. Investment in social media is booming, and with an ever-expanding array of tools and platforms for brands to use to engage with customers and stakeholders, community management is an essential skill.[…] Continue Reading »