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I’m not the biggest risk-taker. I started out in newspapers — in 2005, the year print advertising peaked. I was a copy editor, so my job was literally to ensure we were safe with what we published. I moved to digital media in 2009, but for a (relatively) mature property that was founded in the months when Y2K panic was a thing.[…] Continue Reading »

Do you have “still face” managers in your organization? By “still face” managers I mean supervisors whose lack of emotion makes it difficult for them to connect and to get people fired up. They seem unable to express appropriate emotion when interacting with others. The disconnection the other person experiences can be confusing, discouraging or lead to reaching a wrong conclusion.[…] Continue Reading »

There’s something extraordinary about TED. This nonprofit foundation has touched millions around the world with inspirational talks, spreading ideas that invite listeners to see the world in a new or different way. Chances are, you’ve been deeply affected by at least one TED talk. Try to imagine what it’s like to actually participate in a TEDx event.[…] Continue Reading »

“What helps people, helps business.” —Leo Burnett

Last week, I got a much-needed haircut. I went to see Rodger, who has been cutting my hair for 13 years. In that time, he has become a great friend and mentor. Rodger has opened a number of high-end salons with his wife, Lisa, and they’ve created the kind of environment that builds loyal customers for life.[…] Continue Reading »

When Hurricane Katrina flooded New Orleans, Rod West had to tell the truth and tell it fast. As Entergy’s operational executive he was on point to restore power.

When Rod faced his team after surveying the destruction from a helicopter, everyone had questions. What did you see? How bad is it? What about my neighborhood?

My response was: “Six feet of water; eight feet of water….”

“What about St.[…] Continue Reading »