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In the season 5 premiere of of “Shark Tank” (the TV show with an average of 6 million viewers), two brothers, both aspiring entrepreneurs, made their pitch that was so pitifully bad it drove the shark Mark Cuban up to the stage to proclaim the proposal as “the worst pitch ever.”

Apparently, the brothers had no business plan, no sales, no marketing approach and no idea of when their proposal (a social network for medical professionals) would be profitable, if ever.[…] Continue Reading »

What role does trust play in employee engagement? It’s a fairly large one, according to this Towers Watson research.

The study cites leaders’ ability to “earn the trust and confidence” of employees as one of the top drivers of employee engagement. There is also compelling evidence that trustworthiness has ties to ethics, which significantly ups the stakes.[…] Continue Reading »

It’s clear that transparency in the workplace creates a better office culture, but it is also vital to organizational success. It starts with having a transparent leader. Do your best people understand the company vision? Can they accurately align their own goals with those of the company? Do they know how well the company is doing?

If not, you’re probably not as open and honest with your employees as you should be.[…] Continue Reading »

About 10 years ago, I was participating in a leadership program with area principals and other organizational leaders. As part of the training, we were instructed to undergo a 360-degree assessment. There were many revelations for me from that process, including important feedback about how others viewed my leadership capacity. But one insight that has remained with me the most had to do with our group as a whole.[…] Continue Reading »

In a world where 1 billion people use smartphones, many can’t believe that I run a company without one. They can’t imagine life without e-mail, Google, and Facebook in their pocket.

We expect instant gratification and accessibility; a smartphone is considered a necessity, not a convenience. However, keeping my flip phone and saying “no” to constant interruptions was one of my most profitable business decisions.[…] Continue Reading »