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Job-seekers and hiring-decision makers agree that job hunting and recruiting are disagreeable, inefficient, stressful, frustrating and time-consuming but necessary for both parties. Most candidates are eager to avoid active job searching, and if they make the effort to network purposefully, it’s possible to do so.

Having a productive network that provides job leads is the key to lifetime “career insurance,” a constant flow of opportunities and continuous access to inside information about unadvertised or hidden jobs.[…] Continue Reading »

Being the captain of Team USA’s women’s soccer team is similar to my role as co-captain of the Rampone family. I try to do the same in both positions and each have their share of challenges and rewards.

I’ve learned that to lead, I am also required to juggle, observe, listen and plan.My tips aren’t rocket science and I didn’t wake up one morning with all of the answers. Rather, I pay attention and make the most out of unique circumstances that come my way.[…] Continue Reading »

To increase your chances of getting a promotion, wise career coaches often advise you to dress like you have the job you want, not the one you have.

Why is dress so important? Well, the clothes still don’t make the wo/man, but often they do help you feel like you’re ready for that big step. And it’s that feeling — of confidence and readiness — that communicates most powerfully about your ability in the moments after the person across the meeting table notices your new outfit.[…] Continue Reading »

A recent piece by Forbes contributor Liz Ryan extolled the Millennial Way, or at least some of the logic behind it. In her column, Ryan sought to assuage concerns of baby boomer parents and frustrated executives, telling them that Gen Y’s approach to life and their attitude about employment is healthier and more balanced than we think and something that all of us should have done years ago.[…] Continue Reading »

Leaders need to constantly develop themselves as human beings. There is so much external change for them to adapt to that the need to be intentional about personal development is essential. The best leaders I know are staying current and agile through change by developing themselves.

A checklist of “to dos” is fine, but it isn’t enough anymore.[…] Continue Reading »