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Early in my career, I embarked on a soul-searching exercise to help me define who I wanted to be, what I was willing to pin my reputation on and what skills I needed to develop to be true to my vision and succeed.

While earning my master’s degree in organizational leadership, I began to understand the value of servant leadership — a belief that the manager is really the servant of the employee, there to help the employee accomplish their job.[…] Continue Reading »

To increase your chances of getting a promotion, wise career coaches often advise you to dress like you have the job you want, not the one you have.

Why is dress so important? Well, the clothes still don’t make the wo/man, but often they do help you feel like you’re ready for that big step. And it’s that feeling — of confidence and readiness — that communicates most powerfully about your ability in the moments after the person across the meeting table notices your new outfit.[…] Continue Reading »

I recently asked readers to submit their burning leadership development questions. Those that get picked for a post will receive a free copy of my e-book.

This question from Nicholas:

What are some good ways to get recognized as an emerging young leader in your organization without sounding like you’re trying to toot your own horn?”

My mother always told me if you just kept your head down and did good work, you would get ahead in your career.[…] Continue Reading »

I am a damn good writer. You may not think so, but I do. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think I am the best writer, just a damn good one. Now, before you get all well-isn’t-he-arrogant on me, suspend your judgment and hear me out. My story is about self-perception, not actual reality.

The fact that I think I am a good writer doesn’t mean that I am, in fact, a good writer.[…] Continue Reading »

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Why isn’t your career soaring when you work hard and are also talented?[…] Continue Reading »