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For years, I laughed in the face of “woo-woo” stuff that the gurus of self-improvement have touted. Like many leaders, I tend to be a practical soul, driven by the external world and drawn to taking action. “Work hard and you get ahead,” the mantra of my upbringing, my Midwest location, and my soul has served me well.[…] Continue Reading »

It’s often said that optimistic people are born with the tendency to see the glass as half-full. That may be true. But there’s another truth that’s more important: Optimism isn’t just an innate temperament trait — it’s also a skill that can be learned.

As the director of mental training for the St. Louis Cardinals during their 2006 season, the year they won their first World Series championship in 20 years, as well as in 2011, when they did it again, I can attest to the power of coaching optimism.[…] Continue Reading »

He was a leader who had a big swagger. He was brash, with an audacity and arrogance beyond compare. I observed him from afar and disliked him immediately. One day, he reached out to me and asked me to coach him. Although I didn’t realize it then, this was a test. Could I find any goodness in him?[…] Continue Reading »

The higher you go, the harder it is to advance because you’re in more competitive territory. You have to stand out and offer something unique. Your best leadership asset at the top is your authentic leadership style — the one that gives you energy instead of draining you and the one that makes you effective at all times with all audiences.[…] Continue Reading »

If you’re like most of us, you see people get promoted over your head that are less talented and less capable. This is particularly frustrating when you’re trying to make the tough leap from a management to a leadership position.

What have the folks getting promoted over you have learned that maybe you haven’t? That a strong leadership presence is one of the keys to being hired into the executive and C-suite ranks.[…] Continue Reading »