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According to best-selling author Charlene Li, creating a sustainable social ecosystem means focusing on the passive “watchers” first and the actively engaged members of your community second. Li noted this as she kicked off SmartBrief and SocialFish’s summer breakfast series, Buzz2010, on social media for associations.

Li discussed recent findings that analyzed the way people in the U.S.[…] Continue Reading »

Social networks are profoundly changing the way we receive and react to news about disasters around the world.

In the aftermath of the earthquake that struck Haiti in January, the response on Twitter provided a “textbook example” of how people use social media as a community to share information about a crisis, provide solutions to help and promote awareness about what is happening on the ground, said Wendy Harman of the American Red Cross at Buzz2010.[…] Continue Reading »

As part of last week’s Buzz2010 in downtown Washington, D.C., SmartBrief and SocialFish hosted a panel of experts who have been working through the risks of social media at their organizations for years.

This guest post is by Jennifer McNally, SmartBrief’s director of editorial operations.

“Focus on the relationship, not the technology.” Sage advice from social media expert Charlene Li, who kicked off our Buzz2010 series of breakfast meetings with tips for associations to be more transparent as they embrace social media.

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn may be the vehicles you use to get out information, but the key is in the dialog you have with your constituents, whether they are association members, employees or consumers.[…] Continue Reading »

At last year’s Buzz2009 Social Media for Association Leaders, we asked our panel of social-media experts for the No. 1, most powerful tip they would give about social media and developing a social strategy. Despite the many different approaches to social media, the experts came to one conclusion: Keep it simple.

Here’s a quick roundup of their top tips: