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Your logo is obviously your brand ambassador and it should be on every written and visual item you create. If you are educating your target consumers about your brand and are linking it with your brand logo, then it becomes easier to prompt buying/converting actions later down the line with things as simple as logo exposure. But beyond your logo, there are many things you can do to promote your brand via the Internet.[…] Continue Reading »

As social media platforms have matured, the ability for brands to easily reach prospects and create customer communities evolved. As you all know, the Wild West days when it was easy to reach thousands of customers for free are over, but that’s not to say there are no longer opportunities and benefits to social media. These platforms are still terrific channels that can bring you opportunities to engage with customers and generate leads, but instead of just chasing down customers and leads via social media platforms, some smart marketers are building their own branded communities.[…] Continue Reading »

Organic certification in the food industry seals a promise to the public that the food they are purchasing is free of pesticides, insecticides and artificial or synthetic fertilizers. Certification has been built into my company, Davidson’s Organic Teas for the past 15 years. However, keeping a promise of this magnitude doesn’t come without its challenges.

In 2015 the Nevada Department of Agriculture dissolved the organic certification program for the entire state.[…] Continue Reading »

Every day, businesses launch and established companies make the decision to re-brand in order to stay culturally relevant. So how do you ensure your brand has a strong voice and compelling content that best reflects your key messaging?

How do you convince consumers to actually care about your product or service in this highly competitive climate? The first step is to decide what your brand story is, be consistent in telling it and consider three vital elements:

1.[…] Continue Reading »

As digital proliferates every facet of the retail industry and consumers’ lives, digital ad spending has grown into a multi-billion dollar business with CPG companies spending more than ever to get their brands and products in front of the right people at the right time. Looking forward into 2014 and beyond, companies will focus on brand messaging and mobile, with an eye on geotracking, according to a new report, The U.S.[…] Continue Reading »